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Creatively connecting you with your ideal clients, and compelling them to care about (read: Like! Follow! Sign-up! Buy!) what you’ve got to offer.

Have something meaningful to share with the world but aren’t sure how to get others to take notice?


I’m here to help you create a professional + personality-packed digital presence that you can not only feel proud of, but that also delivers the results you’re after.


Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to refresh a platform that could use more intention behind it, I’m your gal.


While I’ve assisted clients both large and not-so large, I am especially partial to small business owners, individuals seeking to grow their personal platform, and entrepreneurs, as a species. Your success fuels my joy tank.


I am available for hire as a collaborator + advisor on specific projects or campaigns, as an educator for those who love to DIY, as a powerhouse of efficiency for contracted days of work, and, for a select few, on a monthly retainer as your in-house marketing director and/or copywriting whiz. You can view my portfolio here.

Industries I’ve worked with:

Hotels, resorts, & villas | Restaurants | Retail | Yacht charters | Cruises | Tourism boards | Nature tours | Beaches | Craft fairs & markets | Therapists/psychologists | Real estate agents | Commercial real estate developers | Executive & business coaches | Lawyers | Food bloggers | Beauty brands | Authors | Podcast hosts | Wellness professionals/brands | Medical doctors | Non-profits | Pet products

Copywriting + Ghostwriting

Looking for the right combo of words to convey your message? Need dynamic written content but hate writing? I craft everything from blogs to email campaigns, social media captions, website text, podcast notes, promotional materials, and more. I can slip into your brand’s unique voice with ease, presenting you with eloquence and an unforgettable personality.

Digital Marketing Design

Looking for more purpose behind your digital presence? Not sure where to direct your time & resources for the greatest marketing ROI? I’m passionate about helping people collect the gems of their digital world (blogs, podcasts, email campaigns, social media, online shops + booking tools, etc.) and blending them together in a way that feels more cohesive and garners quantifiable results.

Social Media Strategy

Not sure which platforms to post on, when to post, or even what to post? Snagging the social gaze of niche communities is my specialty. I can help you develop a social media strategy that is on-brand, practical to execute, undeniably clickable, and supports your larger marketing goals. Bonus: I also offer training for your team to ensure the hand-off is seamless.

Creative Consulting

Short on ideas? Feeling stuck? My clients reach out to me whenever they need inspiration & pragmatic input. As one client charmingly put it, “I’m addicted to your advice!” Whatever it is you're trying to accomplish with your messaging and products/services, I’m bursting at the seams with fresh, tangible ideas that you can apply for greater impact right now.

Curious if you & I would be a good match for your next project? Contact me to schedule a call and let’s chat!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about working with me…

“When I first met Chrissann I was so impressed by the level of quality in her work, which was immediately evident in not only the size of the community she was able to create, but also in the high level of engagement. It was obvious she really gets how to make people care about a message or brand. I have now worked with Chrissann on marketing for both my own projects and those of my clients, and there is no one else I trust more to consistently bring her best ideas to the table and have a plan for how to put them into action. Chrissann is a star, cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Amy Hayes, The Global Creator Studio

“I was in the middle of building my new fitness website to better connect with my current and future clients and really wanted my messaging to be consistent and authentic on my website and social media platforms. I met Chrisann through a virtual networking group and we instantly connected. I felt like she really understood my brand, my obsession to keep the FUN in fitness and to give women a unique fitness experience. She really took the time to get to know me and the why behind my fitness business to better align my brand and my voice across my website, Facebook, and Instagram.”

Kiki T.

“When it comes to delivering the message that I am going for, Chrissann is my go-to person to put my thoughts into words that will resonate with my readers. As we work together, she listens to what I am trying to achieve, and then we brainstorm together to create an action plan for something that will attract the right audience for my business. Plus, since she is very knowledgeable about the current online marketing platforms (including social media channels and Google) and how they can potentially help me with connecting my message with my desired audience, I appreciate her input there, as it provides me with another perspective. As a result, Chrissann’s ability to convey my message based on current marketing trends/knowledge and my particular niche help me get the most ROI, which is why I usually refer to her as ‘my superpower.’”

Aysegul Sanford, Foolproof Living

“Chrissann is an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me create my website, which regularly gets lots of great feedback. She manages my social media which, without her, would be useless. She’s prompt and reliable. Her work is of the highest quality, and she’s also really fun to work with. You can’t go wrong with working with Chrissann. She’ll help you find your voice, and make it look beautiful.”

Dr. Rachel Barbanel-Fried

“Working with Chrissann has been an absolute joy because she is amazing at what she does. Her writing is magical, fun, cheerful, light-hearted, and always spot on. Her social media strategy quadrupled the sales of our business and put it locally at the top of the Instagram and FB map within a year. I credit her promotional skills as helping us to win the #1 Beach Bar in the Caribbean Award. We used her skilled advice on all aspects of marketing. Thank you, Chrissann, for sharing your brilliant professionalism.”

Sybille Sorrentino, Virgin Island Ecotours

“Chrissannn came into my life (serendipitously) at a time when my career was at a crossroads. I hired her initially to help me better direct my social media platforms for a writing career I was trying to get up off the ground. She was a wealth of information about a world I had no idea how to navigate. In the years since, Chrissann has become my right hand woman in so much more. She is creative, decisive, and highly organized. What’s more, when she can’t do something herself, she calls on her expansive network of relationships and leads the initiative with grace and (what seems to be) ease. I could not operate my business without her. Chrissann is one of those professional investments you will never regret making.”

Dr. Sarah Sarkis

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