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If you’ve been struggling to get people to actually give a damn about what you have to offer, help is on the way, dear!

We live in a great big noisy world where everyone is selling something. Capturing the fickle, fleeting attention of your desired clientele takes finesse.


I have over a decade of experience helping clients in a wide array of industries promote themselves and/or their businesses in a way that feels fun, authentic, professional, and 100% un-cringey.


Hi, I’m Chrissann, and I’d be delighted to be your guide in marketing your biz (or yourself) in our current world, both IRL & in the digital space. Let’s go fishing for your ideal clients and lure them in with delectable offers they simply can’t resist.

Here’s How I Can Help YOU, In a CocoNutshell

Copywriting + Ghostwriting

Looking for the right combo of words to convey your message? Need dynamic written content but hate writing? I craft everything from blogs to email campaigns, social media captions, website text, podcast notes, promotional materials, and more. I can slip into your brand’s unique voice with ease, presenting you with eloquence and an unforgettable personality.

Digital Marketing Design

Looking for more purpose behind your digital presence? Not sure where to direct your time & resources for the greatest ROI? I’m passionate about helping people collect the gems of their digital world (blogs, podcasts, email campaigns, social media, online shops + booking tools, etc.) and blending them together in a way that feels more cohesive and garners quantifiable results.

Social Media Strategy

Not sure which platforms to post on, when to post, or even what to post? Snagging the social gaze of niche communities is my specialty. I can help you develop a social media strategy that is on-brand, practical to execute, undeniably clickable, and supports your larger marketing goals. Bonus: I also offer training for your team to ensure the hand-off is seamless.

Creative Consulting

Short on ideas? Feeling stuck? My clients reach out to me whenever they need inspiration & pragmatic input. As one client charmingly put it, “I’m addicted to your advice!” Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish with your messaging and products/services, I’m bursting at the seams with fresh, tangible ideas that you can apply for greater impact right now.

Curious if you & I would be a good match for your next project? Contact me to schedule a call and let’s chat!

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