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A writer at heart and marketing strategist by trade, living a life in full color… I’m enchanted by colorful language, colorful design, and colorful characters.

I provide my freelance marketing & copywriting expertise to clients all over the world in a variety of industries who are looking to stand out and expand their reach.


You can see more of the ways I can help you shine over on the Work with Me page. I’m always open to chatting about new opportunities, so if you’re interested in collaborating with me, drop me an email so we can set up an introductory meet n’ greet.


I’ve been running my own show for over 10 years now and first started this line of work while living in the Caribbean. After Hurricane Irma brutally demolished the island I was living on in 2017, I flew north to settle in South Florida and am still loving this quirky tropical locale as my home base.

I am fastidious (in the most fun way possible), efficient at managing my workload, and a delight to work with (or so I’ve been told). Prior to diving into the digital sphere, I had a career in hotel sales for Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, and the world-class training I acquired there in sales, marketing, and hospitality is still invaluable in what I do today.

Where you can find me when away from the screen…

Outside of the time I devote to my clients, my interests are abundant and seemingly without bounds. I never tire of learning new crafts, perfecting my techniques, and expanding my knowledge base. When it’s my time to kick the bucket, I’m certain I’ll still have a list of 1,000+ things I still want to do, learn, read, and see.


I have two new children’s books in the works – one about responsible pet ownership, and the other featuring my beloved Paco the toucan. My wheels are also turning on a book of humorous essays (my one true writerly love), as well as several adult trade book concepts.


I’m also an avid baker (sprinkles make everything better), compulsive collector of houseplants (it’s a goddamn jungle in here), unbridled crafter, and insatiable reader. Full warning: if you mention any one of these things, down the rabbit hole we shall tumble. And, if you live locally, I’m for sure baking you a cake.


If you want to connect over books especially, you can find me on Goodreads.

A walk in my digital footprints…

Adventures in Toucanland is the blog I kept during the four years I cared for three Toco toucans aka the “Three-Cans.” While I no longer have the toucans, I have since transitioned the site into a resource for all things toucan.


If you’re curious about toucan care, what it’s like to have toucans as pets, or just want to hear some stories about three charismatic toucans living on a little island in the Caribbean, check it out.


Sadly, Paco the toucan passed away in 2016. Paz & Pepe died in Hurricane Irma in 2017 on Necker Island in the BVI.

Women Who Live on Rocks is a website I created in 2012 for women residing on tropical islands to celebrate everything beautiful, entertaining, and often absurd that’s unique to this way of life.


Over the years, the site grew into a thriving community of 250+ blog contributors, tens of thousands of avid email + social media followers, spin off retail endeavors, group retreats, and more.


After closing the door on my stint of island living (for now), I sold the website in 2020 to a fellow island soul to carry the torch. While the site is no longer under my direction, I’ll always have a fond spot in my heart for that rum-soaked, sunkissed community.

When You’re a Baby Who Lives on a Rock is my first children’s book that I published in 2016. The book was a spinoff of my Women Who Live on Rocks website to memorialize all of the distinctly delightful aspects of an island babyhood.


The book is stocked in select island gift shops and is also available online. If you’d like a signed copy with a dedication, email me and I’ll be happy to send one from my stock.

Curious if you & I would be a good match for your next project? Contact me to schedule a call and let’s chat!

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